IOT Platform

“OREGALO” is cloud based IoT platform that provides a rich experience, agility, and accuracy. It is ideal for creating and digitizing the IoT Solutions; the platform can enable connections of heterogeneous IoT devices and IoT applications. It is the centralized hub for complete IoT architecture for collecting the data generated by edge nodes (devices), management of device (on-board sensors) configuration and provisioning of the devices.

OREGALO is versatile in nature and supports eGPRS/GPRS/NB-IoT/CATM1/LoRA/LPWAN, thereby eliminating the need for expensive global IoT cloud platforms and reduces the overall cost for device management and facilitates the data exchange among the attached devices to perform data analytics. OREGALO is highly scalable and can be tailored to meet your requirements in all aspects.

IoT provides immense opportunities of smart monitoring by connecting remote devices, analyzing data points, monitoring & predicting behavior remotely. The IoT solution is backed by the artificial intelligence where the data gathered by data points are analyzed and necessary algorithm is executed to deliver the meaningful information to the end customer. Aside to the plethora of user-friendly data and reports, it helps to increase efficiency by addressing the common challenges as unexpected downtime and lack of actionable insights.