We deliver the sophisticated Digital Workforce Platform making work more human by business automation with modern application development to meet changing market demands. our business automation helps businesses running more efficiently and effectively with reduced operational cost.

As a leading mobile app company, we strategies your plan and apply necessary methodology to create a perfect app for your business. Our mobile app developers can build the mobile app based on your requirement and deliver on time and affordable cost. We develop and deploy the mobile app that encompass strategy and industry-specific accelerators aimed towards transformation and building a future-proof organization.

We provide end-to-end web design services that meet all your business requirements and establish brand identity. Our development team build powerful web applications with scalable features in the most efficient and user friendly manner. Web app includes many stages, from high level strategy, accurate planning, research, business consulting, design, programming, testing and training. All of these complete process we remain clear and transparent with our clients. Our experienced teams are well-versed with the tight deadlines and constantly-changing requirements that are a part and parcel of all web application projects.

Asset Management

Each business is unique, and so are it is assets and will have its own methodology for tracking the assets. Hence, we have designed the asset management software that is highly configurable bringing together the digital capabilities and your proven methods of asset tracking. The application is designed to capture all aspects of an asset; ownership, warranty details, financial, service history, location to name a few.

The application can maintain complete data throughout the lifecycle of an asset and historic asset data for management analysis. The application not only keep track of asset warranties but also gives location-based asset reports with present and previous location history. 

A centralized dashboard that provides the real-time data for IT and Non-IT assets will ensure that you have all necessary information’s on real time basis for an informed decision making and planning.

Telecom Service Management

Field workforce management is one of the main and biggest challenges faced by any service provider. An efficient management of workforce is a prerequisite for providing professional service which in turn will ensure that your busines is successful.

Galore’s Telecom Service Management application is an end to end solution for management of field team for service delivery and service assurance activities. The application provides complete visibility to manage your own team and your vendors across multiple channels, gain proactive updates on performance to determine true business value and forecast demand. The application is scalable and customizable and will provide you with the right tools and insight to manage the complete field operations and processes.

The project tracking tool meets the service delivery and service assurance automation need of enterprise customers and can be linked to other applications and databases to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal human intervention.

A consolidated dashboard provides you a bird’s eye of all the projects and the workforce you have on field and analytics running on the application will provide data for improvisation of process and project management.

On a high level that the application can provide:

  1. Managed Project Resource Deployment
  2. SLA Management
  3. Schedule Management
  4. Material Reconciliation
  5. Spare Management
  6. Location based resource tracking
  7. Escalation Management  
  8. Project Skill & Learning Solutions
  9. Digital Compliance Management

IOT Platform

“OREGALO” is cloud based IoT platform that provides a rich experience, agility, and accuracy. It is ideal for creating and digitizing the IoT Solutions; the platform can enable connections of heterogeneous IoT devices and IoT applications. It is the centralized hub for complete IoT architecture for collecting the data generated by edge nodes (devices), management of device (on-board sensors) configuration and provisioning of the devices.

OREGALO is versatile in nature and supports eGPRS/GPRS/NB-IoT/CATM1/LoRA/LPWAN, thereby eliminating the need for expensive global IoT cloud platforms and reduces the overall cost for device management and facilitates the data exchange among the attached devices to perform data analytics. OREGALO is highly scalable and can be tailored to meet your requirements in all aspects.

IoT provides immense opportunities of smart monitoring by connecting remote devices, analyzing data points, monitoring & predicting behavior remotely. The IoT solution is backed by the artificial intelligence where the data gathered by data points are analyzed and necessary algorithm is executed to deliver the meaningful information to the end customer. Aside to the plethora of user-friendly data and reports, it helps to increase efficiency by addressing the common challenges as unexpected downtime and lack of actionable insights. 

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