Smart Meters

Galore Smart Metering Solution includes customer service monitoring and management through cloud command center via. unified gateway for multiple utility services from multiple agencies. The Metering Data Management System (MDMS) of cloud command center facilitates billing, customer management and business analytics for smart water meters, smart Gas and smart energy meters.
It enables
  • The automated metering solutions to monitor subscriber usage through automated meter reading and data analytics for enterprise and residential services of electricity, gas, water etc.
  • Minimal manual intervention & reduction of field truck roll
  • Accuracy and First Time Right reporting of consumption
  • Enables predictive forecasting of demand to enhance the capacity and distribution of load management for Utilities and Services

Our smart energy metering solutions deliver complete consumption data ensuring a complete energy management services including the optimal utilization of energy in all segments, reduced carbon emissions to gain ‘green points’ and reduce the Climate Change Levy , reduce energy costs by cutting down waste energy and to meet environmental targets and ambitions. 

Our smart water metering solution leverage machine learning algorithms to forecast potential issues in water meters based on data from water consumption & payload packets of water usage. This enables an automated process to notify maintenance team regarding potential issues and outages of water meters and thereby reduced maintenance costs and improved customer satisfaction and productivity.


Galore’s IoT Sensors are being deployed as retrofits for various power meter, water meter and gas metering requirements worldwide. These retrofits are classic example for our utility customers to leverage their existing legacy in Power, Water and Gas meters. 

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