LiDAR Drone based Enterprise Solution

LiDAR Solution of Galore is based on the artificial intelligence, redefining the overall vision of security and infrastructure operations. The geospatial mapping, object classification and elements detection provides the near real-time infrastructure monitoring along with the edge computing functionality in place. Edge computing also improves the business agility and response time.

Our integrated communication platform “Oregalo” is empowered with the artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect any threats or incidents and enable faster response compared to traditional methods of monitoring and surveillance. The 360-degree view of critical infrastructures provides the real time risk mitigation and threat analysis by leveraging AI/ML.

Drone aerial imaging helps to gather real-time data rapidly and provide granular imaging, allowing organizations to ensure environmental and other regulatory compliance. The drones can be piloted on timed & on-demand basis as per customers requirement. The inputs from drones or cameras are processed by the platform to identify faults and potential problems and thereby enabling a faster resolution.

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